Sex, Solskin og Studiner

WTBA booklet front cover

booklet front cover

girls with the boys

girls with the boys

The girls with the boys (looks like Frank Gorshin doesn't know what to think while being hugged by a hot Italian babe).

Connie asks a bill for hot water

Connie asks a bill for hot water, the cafe owner says there's no charge, while Dolores Hart has doubts of being an accomplise of paying nothing for the service.

girls all crowded in a motel room

The girls all crowded in a motel room intended for only four (everybody was broke so they had to get as many to split the bill). Paula Prentiss on the phone with her date while Connie keeps wondering when her date will call.

lyrics of the song

Lyrics of the song and Yvette about to be tossed in a swimming pool.

WTBA booklet back cover

back cover

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