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Last update: 1/2/07

Review listing includes (date placed on website):

CD Review Part 5

CD Review Part 4

CD Review Part 3

CD Review Part 2

CD Review Part 1

Editors Note to Readers

Most of the reviews were reprinted from newsletters of the Connie Francis Fan Club.

Many sources below are from a few years ago but still are listed, so do not be surprised if some of the companies and websites no longer exist.

The sources mentioned are not intended as advertisements or endorsements by this web page. The purpose is to help readers locate Connie Francis music.

Readers should first contact the addresses below before making any purchases to verify correct address. I will not be responsible for unannounced changes or discontinued items.

It would also help me (and others) a lot to notify me of any errors.

Michael Wright
Website Editor

Additional Notes:

Click here for bulletins on Connie Francis CDs

Connie Francis CDs directly from Japan (website is entirely in Japanese)

Listing of various dealers can be found at this page (click here).

Bear Family Records has a great reputation of remastering Connie Francis music. Chris Mills sent me these comments:

Bear Family Records
P.O.Box 1154
D-27727 Hambergen, Germany

Note: I.D. International Disc closed down.

Various Connie Francis CDs including foreign releases from CD Universe,+Connie&frm=lk_wwwlyric has a collection of Connie Francis CDs and cassettes.

Here is a nice CD listing database from which has quite a lot of Connie's CDs in it (they only list 69 CDs, there are more than 220) but it's a start. Take a look at this list (click here).

Pendulum is out of business and following address is no longer valid. It is listed below for reference.

CD Now at carries many Connie Francis albums including the releases from Pendulum and imports. Click here for the Connie Francis discography website of CD Now.

Memory Lane specializes in out-of-print Records, Tapes, and Compact Discs and may be a good source for Connie Francis music.

Other source for Connie Francis music is at Rockhouse Records at To locate the index for Connie Francis, use their "search artist" feature, but type in last name first, i.e., Francis Connie.

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