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Last update: 10/1/99

Much of the material used to create this web site is from numerous newsletters of the Connie Francis Fan Club.

Who's Sorry Now
by Connie Francis
1984, St Martin's Press
This is a great book and, unfortunately it is out of print.
If you do find a copy at a used bookstore, ***BUY IT***

For Every Young Heart
by Connie Francis
1962, Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Much of Connie's fan mail had letters by teenagers asking her about dating, school, clothes, health, parents and teenage relationships, and the problems of getting a job. In this book Connie "talks" to teenagers about growing up and gives her thoughts about the many problems faced by teenagers, and to help others by describing her experiences and the experiences of others and what they taught her.

Italian Tribune News, Newark, New Jersey, has published several articles on Connie Francis. Their webpage is at

"Connie Francis Makes a Good Impression"
Get Up and Go!, August 1998

"Connie Francis to Perform at Mt Airy Lodge"
Italian Tribune News, Vol 67, #29, July 16, 1998

"What 'Vacation' is this? Blessed and blunt, Connie Francis still working"
The Record (Lodi, CA), June 12, 1998

Modern Screen's Country Music
May 1998
"A Look Back..."

Discoveries, Nov 1997, Issue 114
"Among Her Souvenirs"
[magazine has large cover photo of Connie]

Connie Francis Concert Brochere
November 15, 1996
Spotlight Entertainment

"A Two-Hour Special with Connie Francis", 1996
Charlie Mills and Ed Klien, WPEN 950 AM Stereo
Greater Philadelphia Radio, Inc.
People who KNOW Connie Francis consider this interview as one of the BEST. This interview was one of many special interview shows they have produced. Their interviews have ranged from Mel Torme and Tony Bennett to Anne Murray and Helen Reddy. WPEN also hosts the Dancing Under the Stars big band concerts featuring orchestras of Walter Jay, Marie Landis, Joe Midiri, Brian Pastor, and Jonathan. WPEN webpage is at

Connie Francis Page
Tom Simon
June 10, 1996

Fifties Website
Candace Rich

"Francis and Boone Team Up for an Evening of Memories"
Los Angeles Times, June 18, 1996

"How Brave Connie Emerged From Her Life Of Darkness"
Daily Post, April 19, 1996

"Who's Sorry Now? Not Connie"
The Daily Telegraph, May 14, 1996

"The Comeback Kid"
The Record, October 22, 1996

"Rock's First Queen"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 25, 1996

"20 Questions"
Philadelphia City Paper, November 22, 1996

"Why Represent Crime Victims?"
By D. Thomas Nelson, Esq., Managing Editor
National Victim Center (a non-profit organization)

"Who's Sorry Now? Not This Mega-Fan [Gabe Temesvari] of Connie Francis"
Recorder, October 20, 1994

"Connie Francis: Hitting Her Stride"
Gannett News Service, September 9, 1993

"Connie Francis sings Everybody's Favorites"
Goldmine issue Vol 19, #9, May 14, 1993.

"Who's Sorry Now?"
Ladies Home Journal
July 1992, page 88

"Spend A Mother's Day with Connie Francis"
(article coinciding with concert at Ballys Grand Casino/Hotel on May 12, 1991)

"No Blues For Connie"
Sunday Star Ledger (Newark, NJ) July 1, 1990

"Connie Francis Celebrates The Best Times Of Her Life"
Showbiz, December 24, 1989

"Who's Happy Now!"
Star, April 4, 1989

"Back Where The Boys Were"
Sunshine (magazine of South Florida), March 5, 1989

"The Sad Saga of Connie Francis"
Us, July 14, 1986

"Connie Francis In Work"
Beverly Hills 213, November 20, 1985

"Who's Busy Now?"
Avocate West, November 12, 1985

"Who's Connie Now?"
Nightlife, April 1985

"Connie Francis Doesn't Quite Tell All"
People Weekly
December 10, 1984, page 119

"She's Recording In Nashville"
Country Hotline News, April, 1983

"Among Her Souvenirs"
New Jersey Monthly, October 1982

"Connie Francis Makes An Emotional Return"
The Boston Globe, November 24, 1981

by Connie Francis
January 26, 1981, page 78

Billboard Music Week
September 22, 1962

"Dream World"
February 5, 1962, page 56

"Girl on the Glamour-Go-Round"
Saturday Evening Post
September 23, 1961, page 38

"Connie's Disappointed But Not Broken-Hearted"
New Musical Express
August 4, 1961

"Can Connie Double Sales?"
New Musical Express
April 21, 1961

February 1961

Other references include

Connie Francis International Fan Club Newsletters
Connie Francis Fan Club

Liner notes for the Connie Francis CD sets by Bear Family are ***EXCELLENT*** references.

Liner Notes from CD, On Guard
EBCD 2133-2, Jazzband, Flyright Records, England

Liner Notes from CD, Once To Every Heart
Conbun 1, PolyGram--South Africa

Liner Notes from CD, Canzoni Italiane Con Amore
Conbun 2, PolyGram--South Africa

Liner Notes from CD, Souvenirs
31453-3382-2, PolyGram Records

Liner Notes from other various Connie Francis CDs and LPs


Screenland		Feb 1975
Photoscreen		Nov 1975
New Jersey Monthly	Oct 1982
Us			Jan 1984
Us			Jul 1986
Key To Toronto		May 1984
Record Collector	Jun 1981 
Photoplay		Feb 1975
RPM			Dec 1984
Movie Mirror		May 1987
(Connie on cover)	Sep 1991
(Connie on cover)	Apr.1991
Discoveries		May 1991
Globe Special		1991

Swedish magazine with large photographic article

JAZZBEAT, Volume 8, #1
Article on Connie's HIT SONGS OF THE 30's release

"Festa Italiano" (article on Connie's appearance there)
Cavalcade of Stars

There are many fan magazines from the early 1960s with articles of Connie Francis traveling the world and dating showbiz heartthobs, movie stars, and other groovy guys. However, Connie has acknowleged that only one of those articles, "My Father Kept Me A Prisoner!" was true [sorry Madonna, but Like A Virgin was Connie's song].

Some of these fan magazines with articles on Connie Francis are listed here:

Modern Screen		Dec 1961
Hit Parader		Apr 1962
Movie Guide		Jan 1963
TV & Movie Reporter	Sep 1963
TV Radio Mirror		Jan 1959
TV Radio Mirror		Aug 1959
TV Radio Mirror		Jan 1960
TV Radio Mirror		Jun 1960
TV Radio Mirror		Aug 1961
TV Radio Mirror		Jun 1962
TV Radio Mirror		Jan 1963
TV Star Parade		Apr 1965
Motion Picture		Sep 1959
Motion Picture		Dec 1959
Motion Picture		Apr 1963
Motion Picture		Oct 1964
Motion Picture		Apr 1965
Photoplay Album		*** 1961
Photoplay		Jun 1959
Photoplay		Sep 1961
Photoplay		Dec 1961
Movie Teen		Mar 1960
Movie Teen		Jul 1960
Movie Teen		Oct 1960
Movie Teen		Sum 1962
Movie Teen		Dec 1962
Movie Teen		Apr 1963
Movie Teen		Aug 1963
Movie Teen		Jan 1964
Movie Teen		May 1964
Movie Teen		Nov 1964
Movieland		Oct 1964
Screenland		May 1959
Film Stars		May 1960
Jukebox Stars		Dec 1959
Jukebox Stars		Jan 1960
Stardom			Nov 1959
Teen			Nov 1960
Hollywood Life Stories	1960
Teen World		Feb 1964
Sixteen			Mar 1963
Sixteen			May 1964
Teentime		Oct 1961
Star Parade		Apr 1965
Inside Movie		Jan 1965

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