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Last update: 2/3/09

YouTube Videos

This website enables individual collectors to share among other fans wonderful videos of Connie Francis. Typically never available from commercial sources, Youtube lets someone post footage from their collection.

There are (millions?) of youtube videos, though many have been removed. Several were previously listed below. Instead of trying to keep an up-to-date list, simply do a search on youtube of "Connie Francis."

Editors Note:

America’s Sweetheart of Song
A biography of Connie Francis was featured on A&E Biography Channel on October 25th, 1998. A peer of Connie’s, Shelley Fabares, did an excellent narration. A tape of the program can be ordered from A&E at (800) 423-1212 for $19.95 plus tax/shipping. This tape may not be available for sale outside the U.S. and Canada.

Connie’s life was discussed from when she started performing with an accordion in Newark’s “Little Italy” and through her accomplishments and difficulties. Interviews included many with Connie and her friends and family. It had footage of Connie’s concert performances including her early television shows. Other footage of Connie performing for the troops in Vietnam was from ABC news (some of this in color!). Some of the other clips were from friends. The film clip of her singing Stupid Cupid live for television is from the Arthur Murray Dance Party show.

Also shown in the biography is Connie singing “Mama” on the Perry Como Show. This was a significant date because this demonstrated Connie was much more than a rock-n-roll singer (although she always was, it was not yet general public knowledge). On the following day, all tickets to her concert at Carnegie Hall were sold out and scalpers were able to demand top dollar for tickets. As compared to before the Perry Como show, they considered cancelling the concert because only 150 seats were sold (what a difference one song can make).

Connie Francis: A Legend in Concert

Legend in Concert video box

Connie Francis sings a collection of her standards favorites, rock-n-roll favorites, big band favorites, and ethnic favorites at her concert in Miami Beach, Florida. Also included in this tape, Connie talks about her personal and professional life. If you have Connie Francis music (or if you don’t), then the Connie Francis: A Legend in Concert video is a MUST for your collection. Here you will see that when compared to Connie, Madonna is boring.

Important Note: This video has been discontinued. It may still be available from HMV at (do a search on "Francis Connie"). Also check Video Flicks at

Original source for Legend in Concert:

Connie Francis: The Legend Live at the London Palladium
1990, United Kingdom

Legend Live video box

Connie Francis sings a collection of her standards favorites, rock-n-roll favorites, big band favorites, and ethnic favorites at the London Palladium (Editors Note: On the box it mentioned that this was the first “live” recording of one of Connie’s performances.)

I.D. International Disc used to carry this but they have closed down.

Where The Boys Are
[Editors Note: This video is also available for rent from many video stores.]

Connie’s first featured film from 1960, the original wild party classic that persuaded college students from all over the U.S.A. to descend on Fort Lauderdale every year. Angie (Connie Francis), Merrit (Dolores Hart), Melanie (Yvette Mimieux), and Tuggle (Paula Prentiss) travel to Fort Lauderdale on their spring vacation in hope of finding excitement and romance. With hordes of available young men around, the girls must discover what they really want in a relationship. Also stars George Hamilton, Frank Gorshin, and Jim Hutton.

Go here to Film Clips to see scenes from Where The Boys Aree.

For more info on this movie, go here to and do a search on “Connie Francis.” A link to Where The Boys Are should appear.

Available from

Connie is featured in this pleasant 1957 high-gloss rock ’n roll musical finds two singing hopefuls rising in the ranks of the biz, between performances by the likes of Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and more.

Available from Video Flicks at

Available from (Jamboree link).

Miscellaneous Videos with Connie Francis

Classic TV Commercials Of The Fifties And Sixties, Vol. XXV from

Bobby Darin And Friends, Vol. 2 from

Stage Show (1955) from

Editors note: The following movies are not readily available but are listed here for reference.

Follow The Boys
The second of Connie’s four movies, this 1963 film was released by MGM/UA on LASER disc in 1997. The movie is about four Navy wives creating mayhem as they follow their men around the Riviera. Also stars Paula Prentiss, Russ Tamblyn, Dany Robin, Richard Long, Ron Randall, Roger Perry, and Janis Paige. There is no known source where to get “Follow The Boys.”

For more info on this movie, go here to and do a search on “Connie Francis.” A link to Follow The Boys should appear.

Looking For Love (1964)
A promising singer has to choose between show business and marriage. Also stars Jim Hutton, Susan Oliver, Joby Baker, Barbara Nichols, George Hamilton, and Paula Prentiss. Features appearances by Danny Thomas and Johnny Carson. A very nice movie which features Connie singing rock-n-roll, big band, jazz, and ballads. “Looking For Love” movie will most likely will never be released for sale. It is occasionally shown on TCM cable channel.

Go here to Film Clips to see scenes from Looking For Love.

For more info on this movie, go here to and do a search on “Connie Francis.” A link to Looking For Love should appear.

When The Boys Meet The Girls (1965)
A wealthy playboy gives up partying to help a Nevada farm girl make her ranch a success. Also stars Harve Presnell, Herman’s Hermits and Louis Armstrong. The Laserdisc version catalog #MGM/UA ML 102674. There is no known source of this movie at this time. However, "When The Boys Meet The Girls" movie was located by someone at Tower Records on a special sale rack.

For more info on this movie, go here to and do a search on “Connie Francis.” A link to When The Boys Meet The Girls should appear.

All Movie at as an extensive indexing site for other Connie Francis movies.

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