Parachute Mobile Mission 14 - March 23, 2013

Mission 14 Communications Diagram (pdf)
(not all these functions were operational)

Thanks to Skydive Monterey Bay for letting us host Mission 14.

Photos of our station at Skydive Monterey Bay DZ at Marina Airport near Monterey, CA.

More photos at Skydive Monterey Bay DZ by Mark Cohen K6EF and his full set of photos here

Here is the video as recorded on VHS on the ground,
I first burned a DVD which a mp4 video file is created from this DVD. DVD does not record static and non-video from VHS tape, kind of like a self-editing system. Time duration of actual jump is longer that this video shown.

Here are screen grabs from streaming video while Michael KF6WRW Jumper #2 was in the air.
Michael KF6WRW Jumper #2 air-to-ground streaming video still Michael KF6WRW Jumper #2 air-to-ground streaming video still
Video as recorded on Michael's GoPro camera,

Also during this event are two of contributing authors, Michael NE6RD and Michael KF6WRW, and the editor, Leigh WA5ZNU, of the new book, "Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE" that is open hardware from community effort, see
me with Michael NE6RD and Michael KF6WRW at Marina airport me with Leigh WA5ZNU at Radiofest
Interview with Leigh at last year's MakerFaire at
In the Air, On the Air

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