Mission 35 APRS and Weather Data

5-25-19 windspeed.jpg
5-25-19 windspeed
5-25-19 wind direction.jpg
5-25-19 wind direction
5-25-19 temperature.jpg
5-25-19 temperature
5-25-19 barometric.jpg
5-25-19 barometric
5-25-19 relative humidity.jpg
5-25-19 relative humidity
AF6IM track.jpg
AF6IM track
AF6IM zoom in track.jpg
AF6IM zoom in track
KC6TYD track.jpg
KC6TYD track
KC6TYD zoom in track.jpg
KC6TYD zoom in track
W6BSD Igate.jpg
W6BSD Igate
APRS laptop 1410 hrs.jpg
APRS laptop 1410 hrs

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