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Our Founder, Glen K6GNG (SK)
Our Founder, Glen K6GNG (SK)

K6BEN is a amateur television station repeater located on Loma Prieta to provide coverage of south San Francisco bay area and Monterey Bay area in California. Input is 1255 MHz FM, output is 427.25 MHz AM. Use a cable ready TV set on channel 58. For best results, point a UHF yagi (vertically polarized) toward Loma Prieta. J-pole and rabbit ears antennas can work well with line-of-sight. Audio uplink is 145.510 MHz simplex. Additional alternate video input is 910 MHz (FM video).

We also have a voice repeater 443.125, plus offset, PL 123.0. Another voice repeater is on 441.275, plus offset, PL 123.0, which has coverage of both South SF bay area and Monterey Bay area.

Weekly Net, Wednesday at 8:30 pm Our weekly video ATV net is every Wednesday at 8:30 pm, visitors welcome! If you cannot transmit video, please check in as a audio on 145.510 simplex, or on repeater 443.125, plus offset, with a PL of 123.0.

Monthly Meeting every third Saturday at 11:00 am We meet every third Saturday at 11:00 am at Harry’s Hofbrau at 390 Saratoga Ave (next to Garden City casino) in San Jose. This is near highway 280 and Saratoga Ave. Visitors welcome!

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