Economic Stabilization Program

The Economic Stabilization Program provides rules as to the establishment of selling prices. There are two classes of items in this catalogue. The first of these is items manufactured by Motorola. As to this class of items, a base price was established by a substantial number of transactions during the ‘base period’, i.e. generally the thirty day period prior to August 16, 1971, but in any case, not lower than the price charged on May 25, 1970. All of this class of items now are being sold at base prices or lower and will not be sold at prices higher than base prices until Motorola Inc. receives authorization from the Price Commission to raise prices. The-second class of items is items which have been purchased by Motorola Inc. from others and which are resold at wholesale or retail. The base prices for such items are determined in the same way as for manufactured items. All of this class of items are being sold at base prices or lower and will not be sold at prices higher than base price until Motorola Inc. files its ‘Customary initial percentage markup’ with the Price Commission.

All base prices are available by mail. To obtain such prices, please write Motorola Inc., Communications Division Parts Department, 1313 E. Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois 60172, Attention: Bid and Quote, specifying the exact model or part number and nomenclature as it appears in this Buyers’ Guide or Price List.

Also in keeping with the Economic Stabilization Program the base price of the 40 items which account for the greatest dollar volume of sales from the Motorola Inc. Communications Division Parts Department and are not manufactured by Motorola are listed below.

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