Downloadable HT220 Nameplate

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Thanks to Ron, attached is a HT220 nameplate. You should be able to bring this up on Photoshop then reduce its size, print it out, place a good quality packing tape over it and by using Scotch spray adhesive, it should look pretty good as the replacement logo.

I printed out the HT220 logo tag that Ron scanned and printed it out on metallic paper I pick up at Michael's (art supply) in Sunnyvale. Looks great. Unless you inspected it carefully when mounted on an HT220, you can't tell it from the original.

One can fit about 20 of the logos on one 8 1/2 by 11 inch page.

I printed out the logo, covered it up in packing tape, cut it out and trimmed it and mounted it with Scotch Photo mount.

Ed Fong, contributor

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