Scans from a 1978 Motorola Parts & Data Handbook

Deviation Meter Calibration Bessel Function Method, page 26

Identifying Receiver Produced Intermodulation, page 26

Measuring Receiver Input Level and Effective Sensitivity, page 27

EIA SINAD Sensitivity Measurement, Method 1, page 27

EIA SINAD Sensitivity Measurement, Method 2, page 28

HT-200 Parts Lists (H21, H23, H24 DCN and DEN Series), page 112

HT-200 Parts Lists continued, page 113

HT-220 Slimline Parts Lists, page 114

HT-220 Omni Parts Lists, page 115

Charger Cross Reference Chart (HT220 and MT500), page 125

PAC-RT Vehicular Repeater System (H14TTY for HT220), page 126

Portable/Paging Charger Cross Reference Chart, page 128

Portable Chargers Parts Lists, page 129

Batteries, page 130

Batteries continued, page 131

Batteries continued, page 132

Batteries continued, page 133

Battery Cross Reference, page 134

Portable Microphone Replacement Parts, page 150

Portable/Paging Tools, page 160

Alignment Tool Cross Reference Chart, page 161

Tuning Tools, page 164

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