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the most beautiful actress ever

Gina Lollobrigida is an actress mostly known for her films of the 1950s and 1960s. She is also a highly accomplished photographer, artist, and she has created many fine sculptures. The film industry has many actresses but none of them have ever matched the beauty and glamour as Gina. She is unmatched in the visuals arts with only one other, Connie Francis, a singer who is just as beautiful, classy, and Italian. Gina continues her glamorous style and always wears very elegant gowns at events such as Cannes Film Festival as can always be seen in today’s news photographs.

A description of Gina from an item on “The name Gina Lollobrigida=Italian Goddess. Of all the beauties to come out of Italy, Gina stands alone in a class all her own. The huge almond eyes, framed by eyebrows shaped like the wings of a raven, the flaring nostrils, those full sensual lips, plump, silky, red like rose petals and the hourglass body so outrageously formed that men would go wild at the sight of her. Yup, this Italiana had it all.”

Gina in sexy outfit from Beautiful But Dangerous Gina in beautiful dress from Beautiful But Dangerous Gina in sexy outfit from Beautiful But Dangerous
Gina earned the recognition as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World from the 1950s movie of the same name that was also released as Beautiful But Dangerous. She was fashioned in beautiful dresses with long gloves and garters.

Miss Rome

Gina was born in Subiaco, Italy on July 4th and she began her career after winning a beauty contest in her country Italy. She then became very popular worldwide and starred in films produced worldwide. Here is an early picture of Gina, number 27, at the Miss Rome contest. Silvana Mangano, another Italian babe, is on the far right (#104). [photo credit 1]

photographer Gina

Although highly photographed herself, Gina also pursued a career as a photographer.

Italia Mia cover

In 1973, Gina published a book of her collection of photographs across Italy, Italia Mia.

Gina in grudge look

To avoid being recognized as she traveled through Italy taking photographs for the book, Gina disguised herself by wearing the grudge look (or teenage fashions of the 1990s). However, the workers in Fiat plant in Turin and also those at the Monafalcone shipyards immediately recognized her, which also brought the entire production line to a halt. Gina is also an accomplished sculptress whose works have been shown at several prestigious public exhibitions, including Expo in Seville, Spain.

Gina in Falcon Crest During the years she would occasionally return to the screen, for example, starring in two episodes of the 1980s television series “Falcon Crest.”

Wonder of Innocence cover

In 1994, she released another book of photographs called Wonder of Innocence.

Gina in the movie, Beautiful But Dangerous

Some of the movies Gina have starred in include Trapeze, Strange Bedfellows, Where The Hot Wind Blows, Come September, Soloman and Sheba, Beautiful But Dangerous, and Fast and Sexy. Although the titles sound racy, none of her films are x or r rated, and none have all the gore and violence like many movies nowadays. Her movies are rarely shown on TV but there are some videotapes available at video stores.


In the late fifties, Gina devoted more time as a professional photographer which was her original career interest. At the same time, Sophia Loren was seriously pursuing her movie career in terms of becoming a critically acclaimed actress instead of just a sex symbol. Since both women are from Italy and the fashion tastes of the fifties, the press mistakenly interpreted there was “a battle of the bosoms" between the two actresses. Even though there was never a rogue between the two ladies, but fans still carry on this argument! Who is the most beautiful and the most talented actress from Italy will always be an on-going debate.

However, no one can dispute that Italy was the first to put beautiful women on film any more than to dispute the United States was the first to put men on the Moon. During the 1950s Italian actresses were very frequent on magazine covers with enticing titles such as “How Italian Movies Began the Big Bosom Boom” and “The Truth About Italy’s Movie Queens.” This was a cause of concern of film producers of the United States as Italian ladies reigned top of the most desirable women. The September 1956 issue of Redbook featured an article, “Are Foreign Stars More Alluring?” The article said, “...their hearts go now to the lovely ladies from overseas” [mainly girls from Italy]. Also, the May 1952 issue of People Today magazine had a cover story, “Sex from Italy Invades USA” which featured Gina on the cover.

Gina on cover of Time magazine

Besides getting on the cover of celebrity magazines, Gina was also featured in Time magazine as shown on this cover (scan courtesy of Guido Grande).

Gina with Yuri Gagarin   Gina with Yuri Gagarin
Gina with Yuri Gagarin, first man in space   Gina with Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon

Image of Buzz Aldrin with Gina During the her career, Gina has met many other celebrities and she has produced essays on some such as Neil Armstrong.

Here is Buzz Aldrin dancing with Gina. I posted to Gina’s Facebook page, few years will be 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, she should get cameras ready for photoshoots of this occasion. I’m sure they will give Gina front row access.

Click image for larger view.


Gina has kept herself in great shape through the years and styles herself in pretty dresses, beautiful hair, and stylish makeup. She has also let her hair grow longer as compared to many other women that have their hair shorter and shorter as they get older. Even nowadays, Gina is definitely a visual treat.

Gina at 1998 Cannes Film Festival

Gina Lollobrigida continues to be quite active besides photography but also in appearances at the Cannes Film Festival (as seen in photo of 1998 at Cannes) and becoming involved in politics, such as the (see European Parliament elections in 1999 for a look at her brocheres). Gina pursued this position to continue her humanitarian interests that have taken up much of her time in later life, involving her in work for Unicef, Unesco and the charity Médecins Sans Frontières. In April 2000, Gina received an Humanitarian Award from the Boys’ Towns of Italy.

Kosovo is at the top of the list of La Lollo’s concerns. In 1999, she said, “It’s a terrible and frightening situation there. Wars and their consequences have changed so much. It was better in the old days when leaders used to have it out in a duel.” (1999, The Telegraph, London).

Gina by EU campaign poster

She has been awarded the Légion d’Honneur by late President of France François Mitterrand and the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica by the President of Italy. In 1996, she received the Accademica Onoraria dell’Accademia delle Arti del Disegno di Firenze.

'Sculptures' by Gina Lollobrigida
In 2003, Gina produced a book, Sculptures, which presented her works on display in Moscow, Venice, and Paris. Inside there are several photos of Gina’s bronze and marble sculptures along with many of her drawings plus various photos. This book also has biography of her career written by several notable people.

Gina in her shop working on 'The World Of Children'
Gina in her shop working on The World Of Children

Gina on the bed

To those who doubt her staying power, she hands out a reminder that Italians have taken to nicknaming her the Colosseum, “because I’ll never ever collapse.” As Gina poses for this recent photo, she is as glamorous and beautiful as ever.

Cuban artist painting of Gina: Otmaro Tamayo painting of Gina Lollobrigida

Gina gets Star on Hollywood Blvd, 2018

Imperial Gina: The Very Unauthorized Biography of Gina Lollobrigida
by Luis Canales, Branden Books, 1990 Imperial Gina, biography of Gina by Luis Canales
(Brazil edition below)

Reader’s reviews from other websites:

Imperial Gina, Brazil edition by Luis Canales

Updated biography of Gina Lollobrigida by Luiz Canales

The Films of Gina Lollobrigida
by Maurizio Ponzi, Citadel Press, 1982 Films of Gina book

Gina’s Personal Wardrobe
Life magazine, November 15, 1954 Gina on Life 11/15/54

Gina’s gown collection in Life Magazine

Locating copies of Gina’s books

Advanced Book Exchange of Victoria, British Columbia at, is a website linking various bookstores (with links) and is a convenient way to locate the books by Gina but that are out-of-print: Italia Mia and Wonder of Innocence. Do a search at this link, ABE Book Search, for the author “Gina Lollobrigida.” The ABE search should return those dealers who are selling the books by Gina. You may also get responses on videos for sale.

Where to buy Gina Lollobrigida movies

Videoflicks (

Movies Unlimited (

Gina Lollobrigida Filmography

(derived from Internet Movie Database at

Year   Title (alternate title)
1997   XXL
1995   Les Cent Et Une Nuits (A Hundred and One Nights)
1985   Deceptions (TV Movie)
1984   Falcon Crest TV Series
1972   Bad Man’s River
1972   Le Avventure Di Pinocchio
1972   King, Queen, Knave
1972   Peccato Mortale (The Lonely Woman) and (Roses and Green Peppers)
1968   The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell
1968   Un Bellissimo Novembre (That Splendid November)
1968   Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
1968   Stuntman
1967   La Morte Ha Fatto L’uovo (A Curious Way To Love) and (Death Laid An Egg)
1966   Hotel Paradiso
1966   Cervantes (Young Rebel)
1966   Le Piacevoli Notti
1966   Les Sultans
1965   Le Bambole (The Dolls) and (Four Kinds of Love)
1965   Io, Io, Io… E Gli Altri
1964   Woman of Straw
1964   Strange Bedfellows
1963   Mare Matto (Mad Sea)
1963   Venere Imperiale
1962   La Bellezza Di Ippolita (She Got What She Asked For)
1961   Come September
1961   Go Naked In The World
1959   Solomon and Sheba
1959   Never So Few
1958   Anna Di Brooklyn (Fast and Sexy in 1960)
1960   The Legge (La Law) and (Where The Hot Wind Blows)
1956   Notre Dame De Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
1956   Trapeze
1955   La Donna Più Bella Del Mondo (Beautiful But Dangerous)
1954   Le Grand Jeu (Flesh and The Woman)
1954   Beat The Devil
1954   Pane, Amore E Gelosia (Frisky)
1956   La Romana (Woman of Rome)
1953   Le Infedeli,
1954   Il Maestro Di Don Giovanni (Crossed Swords)
1954   Pane, Amore E Fantasia (Bread, Love and Dreams)
1955   La Provinciale (The Wayward Wife)
1952   Les Belles De Nuit (Beauties of The Night
1952   Fanfan La Tulipe (Soldier of Love)
1952   Altri Tempi (Times Gone By)
1952   Moglie Per Una Notte (Wife For A Night)
1951   Achtung! Banditi!
1951   Amor Non Ho… Però… Però
1951   Città Si Difende, La Daniela (Four Ways Out)
1951   Enrico Caruso: Leggenda Di Una Voce
1951   A Tale of Five Women (A Tale of Five Cities)
1950   Alina
1950   Campane A Martello (Children of Chance)
1950   Miss Italia
1950   Vita Da Cani (A Dog’s Life)
1949   Cuori Senza Frontiere (The White Line)
1949   La Sposa Non Puo Attendere (The Bride Can’t Wait)
1949   Storia Di Cinque Città
1948   Follie Per L’opera (Mad About Opera)
1947   A Man About The House
1947   Il Delitto Di Giovanni Episcopo (Flesh Will Surrender)
1947   Pagliacci (Love of A Clown)
1947   Il Segreto Di Don Giovanni
1946   Aquila Nera (The Black Eagle)
1948   L’ Elisir D’amore (This Wine of Love)
1946   Lucia Di Lammermoor

Anna de Brooklyn movie poster

Fast and Sexy (in English) can be purchased in DVD from Also, three other of Gina’s films (Bambole, The Unfaithfuls, and Alina) can be purchased at

A clip from Fast and Sexy can be seen here,

Anna de Brooklyn also known as Fast and Sexy can be purchased from Alapage in France. This VHS can be ordered on-line at this link (click here). If this link does not work, then go to their main webpage at This video is available in VHS SECAM format (a French format) and is dubbed in French.

Gina is truely awesome in this movie and this video will be an outstanding addition for admirer’s collections of Gina movies. Miss Lollobrigida is so pretty, so gorgeous, and very va va voom in this film. It is unfortunate that the movie industry no longer portrays such beautiful women like Gina.

Video stills from Fast and Sexy

Click here for other film clips from the movie, Fast and Sexy.

Gina in a wedding dress

Come September video stills which has many photos of Gina in a wedding dress (and she wears it so beautifully).

Other websites featuring Gina Lollobrigida are at:, or, is the official Gina Lollobrigida page. Originally produced by her son Milko Jr. when she ran for election to the European Unit in 1999. It now features the sculptures by Gina and her works in painting and photography. The website also describes Gina’s career and has reviews from various art museums, and includes recent photos of Gina, and she is so beautiful, glamorous, and very lovely.

Guido Grande contributed material from Gina’s European Parliament campaign in 1999. is a webpage on Gina by Heinz Weinand in Germany and it is very impressive. Page has a section on Gina in the news (some articles include photos).

Gina Lollobrigida Yahoogroups Internet Mailing List

Gina is an Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. see is a webpage for TV Now of TV programming schedules that feature Gina. has many photos of Gina wearing gloves (click here) from movies Imperial Venus and Beautiful But Dangerous. Beautiful But Dangerous was also released as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World and this site has several video captures of Gina in feathers and garters, a white gown and a black mermaid style gown (both with Gina wearing long gloves). For many of her fans, this film is regarded as one of "La Lollo's" best films (though unfortunately very hard to obtain in the U.S.).

This site also has large images that look great when printed on 11X17 paper. There are a few photos of Gina at this downloadable poster section (click here) also has Connie Francis, Sophia Loren, Jane Russell and others (I did some high density scans and sent them to the webmaster of that site).

Gina Lollobrigida Paper Doll created by Denise Martinson is at with 15 pages of clothes with two outfits from Trapeze and one from Solomon and Sheba are included in the set.

German television schedule featuring Gina at A sheet of 9 stamps featuring Frank Sinatra and Gina Lollobrigida with other actors and actresses (issued by Republic Senegal) for $7.95. Also see,

This site features Gina while in Russia for a film awards event at

Gina Shoes at are glamorous handmade shoes for movie stars. The owner established his company Gina after his inspiration, Gina Lollobrigida.

A small website on Gina from Japan at is a Gina Lollobrigida webpage in Russian.

Internet Movie Database at

Gina recognized at

Photos of Gina at Cannes

Hot At Any Age: Gina Lollobrigida at had many photos but it no longer exists.


Gina Lollobrigida “Wallpaper”

Here are some background pictures of Gina Lollobrigida on a computer screen. They are very impressive to say the least. The screen saver was disable of course. Screen savers are a waste of money. I’ve never seen a CRT with a burned-in image from a Mac or a PC. The monitor usually poops out before the phosphor has a permanent image and who cares if it has a permanent image of Gina Lollobrigida?

Gina Screen Saver Gina Screen Saver

Gina Screen Saver Gina Screen Saver

Download wallpaper at Gina Lollobrigida Wallpaper

Gina Lollobrigida Standup Cutout

Gina lifesize standup cutout

Check out this lifesize Gina Lollobrigida standup cutout. It is very impressive to say the least. For an explanation on how this was made, see Lifesize Connie Francis Poster and Standup Cutout (click here).

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