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Radio Stations Featuring Connie Francis

Last Update: Aug 22, 2010

Important Note: Many times a radio station will change owners or decide to use common demographics which does not include Connie. That is, some of the stations below may no longer play CF music. Since these are sent to me by individuals, I have no idea when if they change formats. editor

Is your station listed here? If not, it could be and fans of Connie Francis will tune to your station and listen to her! Please send the station ID, the city and frequency to the webpage editor Michael Wright at

Baltimore Network Radio plays wonderful music from the 40's, 50's, and 60's including Connie Francis frequently throughout the day. (dated added 8-22-10)

KDDK-FM Addis/Baton Rouge/Louisiana at, Internet only (dated added 10-29-08)

[ Stations below listed some years ago, many stations may have changed ownership/format and may no longer play Connie Francis. ]

Radio Bop at
WRRL -- 1690 AM -- Berwyn IL
WNAR -- 1620 AM -- Telford, PA.
WGGA -- 1240 AM -- Gainesville, GA.
CKDX -- 88.5 FM -- Foxy 88.5 Toronto, Ontario
WSTB -- 88.9 FM -- Akron, Ohio "Playing LOTS of Connie! Every Sunday"
KIXI -- 880 AM -- Seattle, WA
WTUX -- 1550 AM -- Madison, Wisc. DJ Ben Benedetti on Sundays 11 am to 3 pm plays the Big Band vocalists including Connie!
WXKS -- 1430 AM -- Everett/Boston,
WFAS -- 1230 AM -- Westchester County, NY
WQMX -- 1540 AM -- Albany, NY (legendary 50K watt stn plays variety of Connie's music)
WPTR -- 94.9 FM -- Cleveland, Ohio (country station!)
WCGO -- 1600 AM -- Chicago Heights, IL
WBZO -- 103.1 FM -- Long Island NY,
WRMR -- 850 AM -- Cleveland, Ohio
KOMC -- 100.1 FM -- Branson,Missouri
K-LUV -- 1220 AM Stereo -- Denver, CO
WJNA -- 1230 AM -- Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, FL
WKOL -- 105.5 FM -- West Palm Beach, FL
COOL -- 99.3 FM -- Lancaster, Pennsylvania
WGUL -- 106.1 FM -- St. Petersburg, FL
WGUL -- 860 AM -- St. Petersburg, FL
WBZO -- 103.1 FM -- New York
WOCC -- 1550 AM -- Corydon, IN
WKJK -- 1080 AM -- Louisville, KY
WJJG -- 1530 AM -- Chicago, Illinois
WUSN -- 910 AM -- St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida
WODX -- 1480 AM -- Marco Island, Florida
WAYS -- 99.1 FM -- Macon, Georgia
CKY -- 580 AM -- Winnipeg, Manitoba
KGIL -- 1260 AM -- Beverly Hills, CA
WDOS -- 730 AM -- Oneonta, NY
WPDQ -- 89.7 FM -- Freehold Township, NJ
WTKL -- 95.7 FM -- New Orleans, LA
WWBB -- 101.5 FM -- Providence, RI
WAIT -- 850 AM -- Crystal Lake, IL
WSAI -- 1530 AM -- Cincinnati, Ohio
WPEN -- 950 AM -- Philadelphia, PA
WOGL -- 98.1 FM -- Philadelphia, PA
WVLT -- 92.1 FM -- Vineland, NJ
WLUX -- 540 AM -- Islip (Long Island), NY
WNJR -- 1430 AM -- New Jersey/New York
KMED -- 1440 AM -- Medford, Oregon
KLUP -- 930 AM -- San Antonio, Texas
WMJI -- 105.7 FM -- Cleveland, Ohio

Comments from listeners and stations:

Ken Noble at KDDK-FM Addis/Baton Rouge/Louisiana says, "Please listen to our new popular-standards radio show (Internet only). The music stream should start when you click on Our playlist includes 12 Connie Francis recordings."

We love Connie Francis and have at least 30 of her charted songs on the Billbaord Top 40 in rotation on Radio Bop, a free 24/7 internet radio station. Our playlist includes all Billboard Top 40 charted songs from 1954 through 1965 with early 60s radio formatics and our listeners are in over 50 countries worldwide.

not-for-profit historic old time radio station:
Rich Franklin, WNAR-AM

William Weisinger of WSTB FM 88.9 Akron and says, "We are playing LOTS of Connie! Every Sunday." Akron's Commercial-free Oldies /Listener supported Oldies Radio Streaming audio too.

"Name is Bill Wightman. I'm the morning host on WXKS AM 1430 in Boston. We play a lot of Connie music. You can find us on-line at"

WPEN in Philly plays such great tracks as Time After Time, White Cliffs Of Dover in addition to her hits.

COOL 99.3 FM in Lancaster, Pennsylvania plays Connie regularly. From what I've heard, Connie has a pretty big following in Lancaster.

Mickey B's Juke Box Revue is a syndicated radio program in the New York tri-state area. The play Connie's music all the time and can be heard on B103 - WBZO in New York (103.1 FM) on "The Remember Then Show" Sunday nights from 8-11 pm. Also heard live on Real Audio on

WOCC plays a lot of the popular songs of the late 50's and early 60's and they play a lot of Connie's songs.

WKJK plays the original hits of the 40's, 50's and 60's and they feature a lot of Connie's easy listening songs.

WJJG AM 1530 is known as "the Sinatra Station" and they are also big fans of Connie Francis.

Bill "Italia Bill" writes the DJ, of CKY580 radio, watched Connie's bio on A&E and was so impressed and awed, he paid Connie a tribute on the station.

Doo-wop Dan, host of the 50s Hall of Fame on Oldies 99WAYS (99.1 FM) in Macon, GA featured Connie music on her birthday. Listeners love them!

"All Oldies, KY-58" Winnipeg. Let's just say the most requested artist in these here parts is Connie Francis.

WMJI 105.7 FM in Cleveland, Ohio plays Connie's music all the time.

KLUP 930 AM is San Antonio's big band, nostalgia and "great entertainers" style radio station and is locally programmed. Connie's name is listed in their printed promotional materials and many of her songs aired on this station.

WABY.COM Internet Radio at features both a live stream, and over 40 hours of on-demand "Specialty Programs" which feature specific artists or musical styles. WABY.COM is a huge fan and supporter of Connie Francis.

WLUX 540 AM plays Connie every day. They play the showtunes, waltzes, big band, broadway recordings of Connie. It is a pleasure to hear these recordings on the radio.

KGIL 1260 AM has a programming is called "The Music of Our Lives."

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