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This page has links to websites pertaining to Connie Francis such as the Connie Francis Mailing List, webpages by fans, interesting articles, songs, videos, discussions about her on bulletin boards, news search for Connie Francis articles, and lyrics of Connie’s songs.

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Donatelli’s Connie Francis webpage

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Fan Club Connie Francis Polska

Jim Swords’ Connie Francis webpage

“Ode to Connie Francis”

Carol Adams Connie Francis Page

Connie Francis Interactive webpage

Connie Francis Multiply site

Denise Larin’s Multiply site

Sailor meets Connie during Follow The Boys

Connie Francis for German speakers

Dutch Connie Francis Fanclub website

Japanese Connie Francis site

Connie Francis Impersonators

Maggi Albisani

Joey Josephs, Female Impersonator

Rosemarie Ballard as “Connie Francis”

Nikki Reed as “Connie Francis”

Joni Morris as “Connie Francis”

C.J. as “Connie Francis”

Performers, Impersonators, and Lookalikes as “Connie Francis”

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Connie Francis on Italian TV

2002 Interview with Larry King

“Connie Francis Video Archive”

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Connie singing on the Internet

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